Gaming Keyboards


GBP 159.00

G910 Orion Spark
RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The world’s fastest mechanical gaming keyboard

  • Exclusive Romer-G Mechanical Switches
  • Intelligent RGB Illumination
  • Arx Control Integration
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GBP 79.99

G13 Advanced Gameboard

Improved position. Increased control. Advanced science. Unrivaled game.

  • 25 customizable G-keys
  • Backlit GamePanel LCD
  • Programmable mini joystick
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g13 Gameboard gamepad Glamour Image SM

GBP 179.00 GBP 109.99

G19s Gaming Keyboard

Settle for nothing short of everything.

  • GamePanel™ LCD
  • Custom-color backlighting
  • 12 fully-programmable G-keys
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g19s Gaming Keyboard Glamour Image SM

GBP 54.99

G105 Gaming Keyboard

When control is critical.

  • Long-life LED backlighting
  • Six programmable G-keys
  • Multi-key input
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g105 Gaming Keyboard Glamour Image SM

GBP 149.00 GBP 129.99

G710 Plus Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Lightning fast. Whisper quiet.

  • Tactile, high-speed mechanical keys
  • Whisper-quiet keys
  • Adjustable dual-zone backlighting
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mechanical keyboard G710 plus Glamour Image SM

GBP 99.99 GBP 79.99

G510s Gaming Keyboard

There’s no such thing as too much control.

  • GamePanel LCD
  • Custom-color backlighting
  • 18 programmable G-keys
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g510s Gaming Keyboard Glamour Image SM